Nautilus Argonauta


“Discover Your Marine Biology”
Silk Scarf

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“Aleoria”, a set of symbols with a precise semantics. Each one of these 27 symbols has a special story to tell, a story with multiple journeys that span for sure the 7 seas if not the 5 continents! These symbols have a lot to narrate to those who already know them and much more to those who meet them for the first time.

The name “Aleoria” comes from the Greek word “Αλεώρια” and the verb “αλέομαι” that means to protect myself. Αleoria are buoys and beacons that can be found in the surface of the sea or on shore and contribute to safety of navigation.

The idea of “Aleoria” was “love at first sight”. These minute symbols inspired the Greek designer to create a Greek product from 100% Greek silk manufactured in Soufli. All “Aleoria” products have been identified by fine quality and innovative design, characteristics that mark the “new navy” trend in fashion.

The “Get on Board” collection sails for its inaugural voyage. The basic colors chosen by the designer of “Aleoria” are dark navy blue, passion red and pale silver.

“Aleoria” anchored or allowed to drift by the whims of sea and wind, invite you to travel with them!

Dimensions (cm): 90×90
Quality – Textile: 100% Silk Twill

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